Altered Carbon, season 2

I watched season one of “Altered Carbon” a long time ago. I wasn’t expecting season two because this show must be expensive to produce.

But here it is.

It looks amazing and expensive. Unfortunately, the story is kind of … meh.

The best part of the show is Poe, the AI who serves / befriends the lead character. I’d be much more interested in a series exploring Poe’s world and how he evolves as an AI.

I couldn’t tell you what the plot of this show is other than Takeshi loves Quellcrist Falconer (that’s quite a name) and he’ll wait centuries and kill all sorts of people to find and be with her.

Other stuff happens with sleeves and a class war and a desire to eliminate the kinda-immortality that humans have. That said, if it comes back for season 3 I’ll probably watch it because it’s certainly a spectacle. [Update, 8/26/20: There will be no season three because “Altered Carbon” was just too expensive.]

Angelica: Like everyone else who subscribes to Disney+, I have a “Hamilton” obsession. It took me a while to realize why I recognized Renée Elise Goldsberry (Angelica Schuyler in the original cast). She’s Quellcrist Falconer in “Altered Carbon”! In fairness, that’s quite the departure from the eldest Schuyler sister.