Hello there!

This site is a throwback to the early days of my first site, Filmfodder.com, when it was a pre-blog blog (that’s a blog that didn’t know it was a blog because blogging wasn’t really a thing yet).

I started Filmfodder to have a place to write and build and revel in pop culture. And that’s why this site is here now.

(I named this site Fodder Fodder because it amuses me. First, I had Filmfodder. Then came TV Fodder. A whole bunch of other Fodders sprung up after that when I created the Fodder Network. Now, as I get back to basics, it seems fitting to double down on the Fodder thing. In 10 years when I reboot everything again I’ll call it Fodder Fodder Fodder. I realize it’s quite ridiculous.)

I use this site to keep track of the things I watch and read. It also scratches the pop culture itch I can’t seem to ignore no matter how intrusive the real world becomes. I like this stuff. I like keeping track of it and writing a little about it. It’s fun and it brings me joy. I might do more with it. I might not.

The old Filmfodder content is still around if you’re interested in checking it out:

If you want to know what I do when I’m not watching and reading and jotting down funny little notes, check out my less silly professional site.