The Morning Show, season 1

I’m much more interested in what this show does in season two than in anything it did in season one.

Oh it looks amazing and the cast is talented and it’s clear they spent ungodly amounts of money on production and locations. But it wasn’t until the finale of season one that characters started to come together authentically.

All of the attempted backstabbing and actual backstabbing grew tiresome as season one progressed. Watching the privileged revel in their narcissism isn’t enjoyable. Watching grown-ass adults throw epic tantrums is a waste of time.

If some of these characters can evolve and form loyal bonds, “The Morning Show” might become notable. I want Cory (Billy Crudup), the smug network executive with an agenda, to actually care about Bradley (Reese Witherspoon) as a human being. And I want Bradley and Alex (Jennifer Aniston) to be allies, not adversaries.

I don’t have it in me to sit through any more behind-the-scenes showbiz drama, particularly when a show is aligning itself with important issues like the Me Too movement. They should use all that money and all that talent to strive for more.