Godzilla vs Kong

The “vs” in the title is inaccurate.

“Vs” suggests one opponent defeats the other opponent. But if a big movie that’s part of a larger series uses “Vs” it means that for most of the running time the primary characters will be in conflict, but at no point will one vanquish the other. Instead, a third character will emerge that forces the foes to team up.

And that’s exactly what happens in “Godzilla vs Kong.” They beat the crap out of each other in pretty spectacular fashion. At the end, when Mechagodzilla appears (it’s a robot Godzilla, because of course there’s a robot Godzilla), Kong and the real Godzilla tag team to put the newcomer down. In the process, they reach a detente. At least until the next film.

The whole thing is very silly, but what do you expect? It’s Godzilla. It’s King Kong. Everything about these characters is absurd.

And the absurdity carries to the humans in this film. No one has anything meaningful to do beyond the little girl who can communicate with Kong through sign language (why is this child left alone with a gigantic gorilla?).