“Extraction” has great action sequences, but the story isn’t much of anything and it’s clear it wasn’t meant to be.

This is one of those directed-by-a-former-stuntperson movies. There’s a place for these films–just look at the “John Wick” franchise–but they need to at least pretend to be stories. There has to be some kind of narrative and some form of motivation for the characters. Naming a guy Tyler Rake and having him use a rake to kill a guy is not an adequate motivator.

At least it’s not this: Though “Extraction” puts set pieces above story, it’s still a film. You would describe the experience as “seeing a movie.” That’s not the case for what I consider to be the worst example of the visuals-misrepresented-as-a-film sub-genre: “Skyline.” This is not a film. It’s not a story. It’s a clip reel masquerading as a movie. I don’t understand how it was allowed to be.