Thrawn: Treason

This is the third Thrawn book I’ve read. They’re all interesting enough, but the story is spinning its wheels.

In Treason, we get to see Thrawn in action. We get to see how he’s smarter than everyone else. We get to sense the tension (real or imagined) between his allegiance to the Chiss and his allegiance to the Empire. But we don’t see where all of this is going.

Is Thrawn loyal to the Empire? Or is he playing a long game for the Chiss? It doesn’t feel like there’s an endgame–or, the endgame is being delayed as long as possible so Tim Zahn can crank out more Thrawn books.

I’ll keep reading the series because I’m interested in what happens, but the mechanics are getting a little dull (yes yes … Thrawn is smarter than everyone … that’s been made quite clear).

What I want to know is what happens to Thrawn when the Empire falls? Where was he when the first Death Star exploded? When the second Death Start exploded? During the final Battle of Jakku (he wasn’t mentioned, as far as I remember, in any of the Aftermath novels–so where did he go?). That’s the interesting stuff.

The “Rebels” connection: [SPOILER] In the final episode of season four of “Star Wars Rebels,” Thrawn and Ezra are transported through hyperspace by the purrgil (think of them as “hyperspace whales”). The location and fates of Thrawn and Ezra are unclear. However, Sabine and Ahsoka set out at the end of “Rebels” to find Ezra, so it’s likely he and Thrawn are both alive.