The Abyss

I know this movie is ridiculous, but I have always loved it.

It’s one of the best underwater thrillers, which might sound like faint praise, but that category also includes films like “The Hunt for Red October,” “U-571,” “Crimson Tide,” and “Das Boot.” The tension in “The Abyss” is tremendous.

Are the undersea creatures a little silly? Sure. Is the SEAL team made up of central casting meatheads? Yes. Does Michael Biehn achieve peak crazy eyes? Absolutely.

But I love “The Abyss” the same way I love “The Rock.” It is an unnecessary and absurd action knickknack.

A high-definition white whale: You can’t buy or rent “The Abyss” through iTunes or Amazon. I resorted to watching a 4:3 version on Amazon Prime (tolerating standard def is a reflection of just how much I like this film). There are rumblings that a Blu-ray transfer is in progress, but there’s no timeline for release.