Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary

This documentary about “Galaxy Quest” makes me want to rewatch “Galaxy Quest” because I apparently didn’t pay close enough attention the first one or two times.

And so I’ll do that.

I was impressed with the number and quality of people they got to be in this documentary. Most of the original cast, the director, and producers participated, and they also landed big-name guests like Damon Lindelof and Greg Berlanti. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

It’s funny how a movie like “Galaxy Quest” catches on. What is it that makes a film resonate to the point where fans attend conventions dressed as the characters? I’m not criticizing super fans. I attended an “X-Files” convention back in the day and I loved it. I’m sure I’d visit Comic-Con if I lived near San Diego. Not in costume, though–it’s too hot for that and where do you put your stuff? I believe no one should yuck your yum no matter what your yum might be (assuming it’s not immoral, of course).

But why does “Galaxy Quest” engender fan passion and other films don’t? Does the quality of the film matter? Does it need to appear in your life at just the right moment? I suppose if there were definitive answers to these questions it would ruin the fun.