Fringe, seasons 1-5

I thought I watched every episode of “Fringe” when it originally aired, but there were a lot of things I forgot (or missed entirely).

Rewatching the series was great. Seasons 1-3 were fantastic. Season 4 stumbled a bit but still was thoroughly entertaining. And boy did they stick the landing with the shorter 13-episode final season.

One thing I do remember distinctly from my first viewing was the wonderful moment between Walter and Peter in the final episode. “You are my favorite thing,” Walter says to Peter. “You are my very favorite thing.” What a truly lovely line.

The thing about this show is that, amid the parallel universes and time travel and “Fringe”"-y things, it was deeply emotional. These people cared about each other in a profound way and they never took that for granted, nor did they lose sight of it.

They also took big swings and I really admire that. Rewatching this show was a delightful way to spend time.