Death to 2020

Too soon.

A faux documentary (though not a mockumentary) released at the end of 2020 doesn’t allow for enough space to adequately evaluate 2020. And while I believe comedy is the best medicine, taking that medicine at the wrong time undermines its soothing effects.

There’s a lot of stuff that happened during 2020 that doesn’t have a comedic spin–not yet, at least. We’re still living through it and we’ll be living through it for the foreseeable future.

Slow down, people: I’m a fan of things like Slow Burn, which evaluates a scandal or event that took place many years before. The clear-eyed perspective these kinds of programs provide contextualizes events that, while they were happening, were chaotic and overwhelming. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed media outlets trying to capitalize on the long-view trend without allowing for the long view.