Thor: The Dark World

I saw “Thor: The Dark World” on an airplane many years ago. That’s probably why I didn’t remember it.

“The Dark World” isn’t nearly as bad as everyone says it is. It’s not as fun as “Thor: Ragarok” (but what is?) and it’s not as huge as the “Avengers” films, but it’s a perfectly fine movie. The action is good. The story is okay (if you’re going along with the other Marvel stories, there’s no reason you can’t accept this tale of Dark Elves and the Aether). And the Loki-Thor sibling rivalry deepens.

Also, how can you dislike a film that’s responsible for this?

I get the joy of rediscovering you: I’m often motivated to watch a movie with fresh eyes when it’s covered on a podcast. More often than not, these rewatches are delightful experiences. “Thor: The Dark World” was forcefully defended by Griffin Newman and David Sims on “Blank Check” (the Patreon version), and I rediscovered “Unstoppable"–a lean and tense action film that was overlooked when it first came out–because it was examined on “The Rewatchables.”