The Social Network

I’d only seen “The Social Network” once before, but I was inspired to watch it again after it popped up on a lot of the “best of the 2010s” lists.

It’s interesting to view this film now, as Facebook has grown into an uncontrollable and often insidious force.

The film doesn’t touch on any of the current issues–Facebook’s negative impact on democracy, it’s role in undermining privacy, etc. It’s quaint in a way.

It also reminds me of that 2000-2010 window when we got a first look at how the Internet would define our lives. I was an optimist during this period. I believed in the connective power of the Internet and I thought it would be a force for good. I was naive.

The Internet can connect us. It can be used for good. But it can also be manipulated by bad actors looking to sow discord and chaos.