The Expanse, season 5

HOOOEEE do I love this show!

Season five–like every season before it–is amazing. Marco Inaros throws a bunch of rocks coated in Martian stealth paint at Earth and that causes some significant problems for humanity, in general, and for the Rocinante crew, specifically.

What’s interesting about this season is that the core cast isn’t together much.

Naomi goes in search of Filip, the son she had with Marcos years ago. The reunion doesn’t go well. Naomi spends the final three episodes gasping for air while trying to gain control over the ship/bomb she’s trapped within. Dominique Tipper does some amazing work during this stretch.

Holden, upon learning that Naomi is in trouble, pursues in the Roci. That’s pretty much all he does this season.

Alex and Bobbie team up to investigate Martian ne’erdowells and discover a galactic conspiracy. They also burn like hell to save Naomi, and that burn leads to SPOILER SPOILER SPOLIER Alex’s demise (more on that in a moment).

And, finally, Amos teams up with Clarissa Mao (yep, the same Clarissa who tried to kill Holden a few seasons back) to escape from Earth after the rocks fall.

Season 5 is brilliant and everyone should watch this show. And then you should watch it again because it’s so damn good.

About Alex Kamal: I was wondering how “The Expanse” producers would address Cas Anvar’s role in light of allegations about Anvar’s bad behavior. I initially though they’d re-cast Alex, or have the character leave the Roci and return to his family on Mars. Instead, they detoured from the book series and had Alex die from a stroke after he and Bobby save Naomi.