The Empire Strikes Back: From a Certain Point of View

I enjoyed the “New Hope” edition of From a Certain Point of View.

Perhaps the writers enlisted for the “New Hope” book were a little better, or that film allowed for more exploration, but this “Empire” edition of the series isn’t as compelling.

Only a few stories in the “Empire” book resonated with me:

  • The cave Luke enters on Dagobah is sentient and evil.

  • Skywalkers continue to be a thorn in Obi-Wan’s side even after death.

  • There’s a longish story about Wedge Antilles that’s interesting in that there are lots of stories to be told about non-Force-wielding rebel pilots.

  • I didn’t realize that Bossk the bounty hunter was so anti-Wookie.

  • We learn that the Millennium Falcon’s on-board computer is actually a collective of three conscious systems: L3-37 (whom we already know was uploaded to the Falcon in “Solo”), V5-T, and ED-4.

  • And there’s a clever story about a Cloud City chef who has to prepare an extravagant meal for Darth Vader without knowing what–or if–Vader eats.