Schitt's Creek, season 6

I burned through the sixth and final season of “Schitt’s Creek” and now I wish there was just a little bit more.

That’s good. Longing to be with these people as they do the weird things they do in their funny little town is a sign the show made a difference.

And “Schitt’s Creek” did make a difference. While it’s often quite funny–but not always laugh-out-loud funny–this show with the silly name was important. The representation of the full and vibrant and absolutely mundane love between David and Patrick is why representation in pop culture is so necessary. The audience investment in David and Patrick is just as deep as what you’d feel for Pam and Jim from “The Office” or Leslie and Ben (or April and Andy) from “Parks and Recreation” or any other fictional pair you’ve ever rooted for.

I mean, c’mon:

(And the callback to this during David and Patrick’s wedding was lovely.)

All of the relationships on this show are much deeper than you’d expect from a comedy that uses prepubescent wordplay in its title. The bonds between so many of the characters are anchored in real and unbreakable connections. They get on each others’ nerves. They’re exasperated and annoyed and need space. But you always know they genuinely care, and they’ll defend their friends and family without hesitation.

This is why “Schitt’s Creek” is able to elegantly weave its humor with profound and surprising connection. The last two episodes, when it’s clear members of the group will soon go their separate ways, bring out authentic interactions between all sorts of characters. I was struck by how much I was affected by the last conversation between Alexis and Twyla–on a lesser show this would have been played purely for laughs, but here it’s quite a wonderful moment.

So, watch the entirety of “Schitt’s Creek.” Then maybe watch it again because we’re all better off when we see things that make us laugh and lift our spirits.

Season six quotes that made me laugh hard:

“We must keep the carriage in the wake of the mare!” – Moira

“Alexis! Turtles do not pets make … You may as well tie a leash around a chicken cutlet!” – Moira

“One pizza? What is this, ‘Les Miz’?” – David