Narcos Mexico, season 2

I started watching “Narcos” when it was still a novelty to watch original shows on Netflix and I didn’t have an ever-growing list of stuff I want to watch.

The first two seasons were fine. I kept watching mostly because I needed something to occupy me when I was stuck inside exercising in the winter.

But season three was legit good. Like, “damn that was a good show” good (mostly because Pedro Pascal is wonderful). And since then I’ve been a fan.

This is the fifth season, but it’s also the second season of the “Mexico” edition. That’s confusing. Are “Narcos” and “Narcos Mexico” the same show, or is this a “Narcos Cinematic Universe” thing?

Anyway! Season five (or season two) is solid. I’ll continue to watch this show even though it’s more violent than I prefer.

Tangente: I took Spanish for years, so there’s a moment during every season of “Narcos” where I try to avoid the captions to see if I understand what’s happening. I never do.