Lupin, part 1

I struggle with dubbed shows.

I made the mistake of burning through the first two seasons of “Money Heist” on Netflix and now every dubbed show I watch reminds me of that nonsense.

It’s unfair. “Lupin” is a much better show than “Money Heist.” But there’s something about the disconnect between the actors and the voices that blocks me from giving myself over in full to the story.

Case in point: Omar Sy’s performance in “Lupin” is excellent. But the English dub isn’t quite right, which means I can’t get a full read on what Sy is going for. That’s not Sy’s fault nor is it the fault of the voice actor. It’s simply the unfortunate side effect of dubbing.

The show itself is fun, though I do wish Assane was both a “gentleman thief” and a “genius thief.” He’s ahead of everyone for the most part, but I want him to really lap his targets. That way, when he encounters a true adversary, we’ll get that Sherlock-and-Moriarty vibe. Assane’s antagonists aren’t worthy of his talents, yet they’re somehow holding him back. He should be blowing by these suckers.