Ranking the Bourne films

The “Bourne” movies, from worst to best.

5. “Jason Bourne” (No. 5 in the series)

“Jason Bourne” wasn’t necessary.“Ultimatum” had a great ending and we didn’t need more. Also, Nicky cut her hair! She got away! Why bring her back to kill her?

4. “The Bourne Legacy” (Spinoff / No. 4 in the series)

“Bourne Legacy” did not launch a second franchise. As far as the public is concerned, Bourne is Damon and Damon is Bourne. However, “Legacy” is better than you might remember. Take it on its own and it’s a solid action movie.

3. “The Bourne Supremacy” (No. 2 in the series)

“Supremacy” is a good film, though I didn’t love Brian Cox in the role of Evil Bureaucrat (there’s one in every film!). Marie’s death is brutal, but it acts as an authentic catalyst for the rest of “Supremacy” and all of “Ultimatum.” Her death wasn’t a ham-handed attempt to clear the deck so Bourne could go solo. Plus, Bourne uses a magazine to fight a guy!

2. “The Bourne Identity” (No. 1 in the series)

“Identity”–the very first “Bourne” movie–gets the No. 2 slot because it launched the franchise. As a story, it’s on par with “Supremacy,” but it has the edge because of its importance. This film also made me want to buy a Mini Cooper.

1. “The Bourne Ultimatum” (No. 3 in the series)

“Ultimatum” is my favorite because it weaves the ending of “Supremacy” into the middle of “Ultimatum.” The first time I saw the film I stopped and gawked for a few minutes (I was watching it at home) so I could soak in this clever move. Bourne looks like hell throughout this film, which is appropriate since he’s been running and killing and killing and running for weeks. His exhaustion is palpable. And the fight with Desh is amazing.