Late Night

Mindy Kaling wrote and stars in this comedy opposite Emma Thompson. I appreciated that this didn’t turn into a romantic comedy.

The focus is on the relationship between Thompson’s talk show host and Kaling as a new writer on her staff. There’s a bit of positioning where we see a growing interest between Kaling and Reid Scott’s character, but that relationship’s culmination is shown very a very brief kiss on a shoulder. (It’s also interesting to see Scott play a bit of a shlub – the polar opposite of is Veep character).

The movie got an R rating, but that’s got to only be for language. I think this went straight to Amazon, rather than getting a theatrical release. Usually that’s because the quality is lacking, but in this case it could be that the R-rated comedy is such a rarity for theaters that it had a better chance on Amazon, which is a very odd thing to realize.