Killing Eve, season 3

I have no idea what’s going on with this show.

What is the 12? Why must the 12 be stopped? Who’s double-crossing the 12? And what does any of this have to do with Eve or Villanelle?

Also, is it “the 12” or “The 12” or “The Twelve”? (That last one is so pretentious–I bet that’s it.)

Truth is, none of that matters. This show works because the four leads (Eve, Villanelle, Carolyn, Konstantin) are compelling regardless of their surroundings. But I can’t believe they killed Kenny.

Best episode of the season: In “Are You from Pinner?” Villanelle visits her mother in Russia. You know something horrible is going to happen. But for a little while–around the time Villanelle is winning what appears to be a poop-throwing contest at a fair–you forget for just a moment that it’s all going to burn. And when it does burn, and you knew it was going to burn, but you stupidly thought “maybe this won’t burn, maybe this’ll be okay,” the inevitable burn is even worse.