Escape from New York

This is a bizarre film.

The pacing is so slow. There are way too many helicopters. And there’s no reason why any of the characters do what they do.

Despite this film being a cult classic for decades, this is the first time I’ve seen it. I missed the window where “Escape from New York” could have left an impression on me. Action and genre films have progressed so much since 1981. What might have impressed me as a kid just doesn’t cut it now. And I didn’t have any fond memories of the film to offset the flaws.

Fond memories don’t always work: I tried re-watching the “Lethal Weapon” franchise a year ago. I got through the first film and stopped. I loved these movies as a teen and 20-something. But watching the original with fresh eyes made me see the fundamental stupidity of “Lethal Weapon.” It’s not that I’ve grown out of action movies–I still watch plenty of these things. It’s that “Lethal Weapon” just isn’t that good.